Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Aprilia RS 125 electronic ignition system


Aprilia RS 125 electronic ignition system ( CDI capacitor discharge ignition system )

Consists of :

Generator , alternator - rotor stator
Pick up coil
CDI , ecu unit
HT Coil
Spark plug

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Generator , generates the electricity need to run lights and engine , and recharge the battery for starting.  See how to test the generator here . is located on the engine .

Pick up coil , This keeps a track on the cranks position , and signals to Ecu for timing of the spark .
see our post here on how to test these , is located on the outside of the Flywheel rotor .

Regulator rectifier , This transforms the 60+ volts AC generated buy the rotor and stator into
14v max DC . is located under the seat fairing panel at rear of bike .

CDI , Ecu computes via internal maps the timing and duration of the spark .

HT coil  generates the spark bolted to oil/coollent bottle , it does this buy collapsing a 12v coil system , which then transforms 12v to 20,000 volts or so , enough voltage to leap the spark plug gap .
see our post to test the HT coil here 

Spark plug , NGK BR9ES - 0.4~0.6 gap                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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