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aprilia RS 125 wiring diagrams - electrics RS125

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aprilia wiring diagrams

im going to try to turn this post into a complete electrical and testing of electric components
as im learning more about electrics myself .
if your interested in learning motorcycle electrical repairs i recommend this book its excellent
ive read it now 4 times over and over trying to master it .
if you read this and absorb it you will be an expert on you bikes electrics , reading your manual
is too complicated .

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Test battery at the negative and positive terminals

If you have a voltage meter you can do some basic tests.
When the engine has been off for at least 1-2 hours with ignition key turned off,
100% Charged 12.60 to 12.8v
75% Charged 12.4v
50% Charged 12.1v
25% Charged 11.9v
0% Charged less than 11.8v


Aprilia RS125 stator , alternator 

charging circuit diagnostics video 

non spark diagnosis 

electrical problems
low battery , faulty battery. these batterys are fairly poor and if left for long periods without riding can go flat and fail to recharge again needing replacement i used to keep old battery but always found when i come to use them they were completely dead beyond reviving 
dont know why this is must be some scientific reason for it but i have no idea    .
try to run the bike regular or remove battery for trickle charging for periods of long parking or replace battery if you just bought bike and struggling with power.

Another problem can be faulty contacts in the wiring loom (block connectors) i always slit these put an electrical contact cleaner in them to ensure good contacts throughout the whole loom.

id do this yearly as rain , moisture can affect these joints causeing a white powderery stuff to form again no idea what this stuff is.

if the bike fails the turn over but clicks and you battery is well charged , this is likely to be the relay situated near the radiator this is a device to turn the low current circuit of the starter switch into the higher current circuit of the starter motor but they are shit 

i hate relays tbh they seem to cause more problems than enough especially on modern cars .

basically this about it ive always found if you buy an old rs125 as long as the compression is good (ie piston rings good)

if you clean out the carb and jets ,replace old fuel with new fresh fuel , fully charge the  battery or replace , make sure all electrical connectors are cleaned and fitted nicely add a new saprk plug then there should be no problem firing up .


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