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aprilia RS 125 problems / troubleshooting / fault finding ideas RS125

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aprilia rs125 troubleshoot / fault find

just ideas not comprehensive and not necessary
in order of a sensible test procedure ill try to tidy up another time .
will update with new knowledge as i go !!

Engine won’t turn over:
Piston seizure
Crankshaft bearing seizure
Connecting rod small end seizure
Connecting rod big end seizure
Transmission gear or bearing seizure

or starter motor trouble see our post here Aprilia RS 125 motorcycle motorbike starter motor circuit testing ( will not turn over , no crank issue )

No fuel:
No fuel in tank
Fuel tank vent blocked
Fuel tap turned off
Fuel tap clogged
Fuel line clogged
Float valve clogged or stuck closed
fuel filter block
fuel filter at carb blocked

Engine flooded:
Fuel level too high
Float valve worn or stuck open
Starting technique incorrect
(when flooded, kick with the throttle wide open to allow
more air to reach the engine.)
allow to stand for while before retrying to start
do not keep starter motor engaged for long give it
a rest between trys .

see also our Aprilia RS 125 Fuel system , no fuel problems

No spark; weak spark:
Spark plug fouled, faulty , or wrong gap
Spark plug cap or high tension wiring faulty
Spark plug cap not in good contact with spark plug
CDI unit faulty
Ignition coil faulty
Magneto damaged
Loose wire connector blocks
Engine cut out swtich faulty
earth wire loose/missing/high impedence
see also our Aprilia RS 125 No spark - Not sparking troubleshooting

Air/fuel mixture incorrect:
Idle air screw mis-set
Slow jet or air passage clogged or restricted
Air cleaner clogged, poorly sealed, missing or sports
Starter jet clogged or restricted
Incorrect fuel level
Incorrect jet sizes
sports airfilter or exhaust fitted to standard carb
set up
air leaks
reed valve damage
engine not reving properly / spluttering

Fuel level incorrect
Main jet clogged, restricted or wrong size
Throttle valve does not fully open
Air filter dirty /blocked
exhaust tract restricted with deposits
Water or foreign matter in fuel
Ignition timing not set properly
Transmission oil level too high
Transmission oil
viscosity too high
Crankshaft bearing worn or damaged
air leaks inlet


Brakes dragging
Clutch slipping
Transmission oil level too high
Transmission oil viscosity too high
Drive chain misadjusted
Tyre air pressure too lowTransmission oil level too low
Transmission oil poor quality or incorrect type
Coolant level too low
Coolant old
Coolant not mixed properly
Radiator clogged
Radiator fins damaged
Radiator cap faulty
Water pump not working
Coolant passageways restricted
thermostat failure

clutch problems

Excessive clutch lever free play
Clutch cable misadjusted or not working smoothly
Clutch steel plates warped
clutch cable / adjusters incorrectly set / need replacing
Clutch spring worn / tension uneven
Transmission oil deteriorated
Transmission oil viscosity too high
Transmission oil level too high
Clutch housing bearing seized

gearbox common problems

incorrectly fitted
missing spacersin gearbox
worn faulty gear bearings
selector arm spring damaged incorrect fitting
bent selector forks levers etc
worn casing bearings
missing circlips

common noises and causes
CDI unit faulty
Carbon built up in combustion chamber or on piston crown
Poor quality fuel or incorrect pre-mix
Spark plug incorrect
Ignition timing not set properly

Piston slap
Piston to cylinder clearance excessive
Cylinder or piston worn
Connecting rod bent
Piston pin or piston pin holes wornConnecting rod small end clearance excessive
Connecting rod big end clearance excessive
Piston ring worn, broken or stuck
Piston seizure or other damage
Cylinder head gasket leaking
Exhaust pipe leaking at cylinder head connection
Crankshaft runout excessive
Engine mounts loose
Crankshaft bearings worn
Primary gear worn or chipped

                                                      Non spark diagnostic video

charging circuit diagnostic video 

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