Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Aprilia RS 125 Charging , generator , alternator , stator testing

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Alternator output tests 

Start the engine and run to 6000 revs per mintue as this is the speed at which the alternator starts working .

The attach voltmeter at to volts and test at the battery terminals reading should be 13,5-15v

if its less than this you have charging circuit problem if more than this a possible reg/rectifier problem .

Need a Multimeter try here mines a kewtech and it has been excellent .

Alternator coils testing 

Set multimeter to ohms , test measurements between all three yellow wires and then all yellow wires to earth .

Stator coil resistance

122 , 0.1 ~ 1.0 ohms
123 , 0.2 ~ 0.4

                                             3 X tests between yellow coil wires

Then test yellow wires to earth 
use body of stator or black yellow wire 

Need a new Alternator Stator ?  try here

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