Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Aprilia RS 125 Ultimate workshop manual bundle all models

It takes a lot of effort and time to collect create and host all the information contained in this blog

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Pdf workshop manuals for the aprilia rs125 , ive collected these over my years of owning an rs125 .
Once purchase is made ill send a link to access the document via email , it should be within 24 hours .
please add a message to say aprilia so i know which one you want .
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Bundle includes
rotax 122 engine manual
rotax 123 engine manual
rs125 owners manual
rs125 repair manual all 99>
rs125 wiring diagram
engine start up adivce
clutch adjustment
dellorto tuning repair manaul
mikuni tuning repair manaul
gearbox removal refitting
oil pump set up
timing set up
engine split
top end removal guide
two stroke tuning guide
piston diagnostics guide
spark plug diagnostics guide
sprocket mph calculator
and more

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Aprilia RS 125 overheating

Request form someone how to test thermostat on RS 125 .

I did a little video on it nothing amazing but might help .

Id check radiator fins and then antifreeze water solution and then make sure the system is bleed properly as an airlock can stop flow this has usually been my problem locked air needing bleeding out 

you can check a rad and flow by testing inlet and outlet temps as well .

If these are ok id then check thermostat by testing to see if it opens , see above video .

Then if all this is ok its time to go in engine and check water pump and reverse flush the entire system and maybe cylinder head gasket replacement.

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Aprilia RS 125 Polished parts Chain guard Exhaust hanger Yoke cover heel gaurds Wicked wolf parts

Just found this shop on ebay uk its sold of 4000 product so not new so i missed this along the way , they make some very nice products .

here is an example of some of their RS 125 polished parts .

Company statement

Custom Designed, Made and Polished by Myself from Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
All items are Hand Made to Order and will take approx 10 Working Days to make as i have to 1st wait for the Laser Blanks to arrive. I'm only a 1 Man Company and have a small Work Unit so just don't have the room to keep stock.

Aprilia RS 125 Top Yoke covers   

Aprilia RS 125 Chain Guards                                                                                                 
You can buy these from here £19.99                                                                                        


Aprilia rs 125 Exhaust hangers £37.99                                                                                          

also they do Heel guards and clock surrounds in various different styles 

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                                                             check these out for sale here   

he also makes some excellent keyrings £4.99

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

AM6 RS50 TZR 50 Engine strip down

Remove all 12 - 13 engine casing bolts allen head 5mm 

after removal all bolts and all things needed to seperate cases 
you can start to tap the input/putputs shafts lightly with wooden mallet
which will start to seperate cases slowly 

all that is left is gearbox and cranks
pull or know with mallet to free crank 
and get this rebuilt ill deal with gearbox in next post 

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Gasket sets