Saturday, 19 November 2016

Aprilia RS 125 removing the carb inlet manifold and reeds and checking piston

Im just stripping an old RS 125 thought id take photos and upload some posts as i do so , they may be useful to someone .

You can but RS 125 carbs from here in the UK

or Aprilia RS 125 inlet manifolds here in the UK

Aprilia RS 125 parts in the USA 

So another easy job , none of the jobs on an RS 125 are really that hard but usually you have to take fairing off , take tank off , take carb out etc etc .

Anyway here is my photos of Replacing the 28mm Carb in a RS 125 it will be same process virtually fror the 34mm.

see other posts for tank removal .

so first remove air filter this is not standard so it come out of its hole 
a lot easier 

undo choke cable 

and release cable from choke valve by push cable 
end out of this hole 

refit choke mechanism to avoid loss 

Now undo 2 x 8mm bolts on carb lid 

pull out carb float valve mechanism 

again push cable out of its retaining holder and through its release hole 

refit carb internals to avoid loss note how it came to pieces 

Undo carb to inlet jubilee clamp 

carb should pull free now without too much effort 

undo all 5 allen headed inlet manifold bolts 

You may need to pry the inlet out like i did as it was glued in place 

if you needed to you can visually check your piston through the 
reed valve entry .

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