Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Aprilia RS 125 how to test a thermostat and coolant cooling system / overheating problems RS125

Easy to do just dip it in hot water .

if it opens it good , you could even use a thermostat to test heat of water and determine the exact tempreture
it opens at , if your so inclined .

if it opens its good enough for me .

if not buy a new or used thermostat here 

You can also test the temperature sensor fitted to the cylinder head 

Test between the connection at the top of sensor and 
the earth of the threads , did in hot water and it should decrease in resistance ohms 
value as the sensor gets hotter , if not renew here .

The system uses water/antifreeze mix to cool the engine and carry excess heat to the radiator .

the cylinder and cylinder is surrounded but a jacket of water the crankshaft driver water pump flows water through
the circuit  and cooled via the radiator .

Components in the system   

Overflow and coolant bottle 
radiator hoses 
water pump 
temperature sensor 
filler cap ( spring loaded )  

possible overheating causes 

Coolant level low 
coolent bottle lid spring defective
leak in system preventing pressurization
faulty thermosat
water pump defective
clogged damage fins on radiator 
there are also other causes ie engine not running correctly
or set up incorrect , excessive loads and oil failure or low .


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