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i see this asked a lot , yet its one of the most easy jobs to do , its just one nut , but you do need a special tool but this tool is only a way of applying force to the flyweel to pull it of the crank .

some people locktite the flyweel nut and  flywheel on too,ive come across this many times and it is
frustrating and can take a lot of force to remove , why they do this i dont know , ive had a few aprilia rs125 shred the woodruff key area and shear the woodruff key itself causing bad running through
ignition timing moving , maybe this is why they load them up with loctite , i dont just fit a new wood ruff key if needed and torque nut to require specs (43 - 45nm)

you will need this tool you can get them off ebay uk for about £20 you can buy cheaper universal ones as well.
Aprilia RS 125 woodruff keys on amazon uk

i have both but prefer to use a specific tool for each bike i work on if possible .

first remove plastic side cover , make sure this is fully intact , ive had a lot of rs125s and these were split or has large chunks out , lets water in (not good for electrics)

remove flywheel nut if your using a standard socket wrench then you may have to jam crank so it cannot move ,see photos below for how i do this 
but for removing this nut it came of easy with my impact gun which vibrates nuts loose , excellent tools these this was my clarke impact wrench which was good but my new durofix impact gun is supreme.

remove the pick up coil / sensor so as not to damage it when removing flyweel
i forget to do this regular but you cannot remove flywheel with it fitted .

take yourspecial tool and fit it , with the one ive got you line centre of crank end with the point on the bolt , you then fit 3 x bolts that screw into the flywheel itself , its an excellent tool and works very well
mines drill for cagiva mitos too so even better .

make sure the crankshaft is locked in postion and cannot rotate this should of been done for flywheel nut removal but my impact driver makes it not needed it vibrates nuts loose .
i usually just jam it full of spanners and hammers as photod im sure theres a better way but it works for me .

now you crank is solid and can not move you can not start applying force to the flyweel without it turning and or breaking anything .

i use my impact gun as this breaks off loctite etc easy but if you have a standard socket 
wrench which i did for years its just a matter of turning it and applying pressure until it pops of 
if its not loctited or real tight it should be easy .

thats its , easy !!

refitting , just do the reverse , there is not really any timing in an rs125 122 engine 
so nothing to get wrong on rebuild , as long as woodruff key is fitted well and 
everything goes back ok its should be no problems whatsoever .

i have seen people fits an odd bracket to pick up which is supposed to 
offset pickup to advance igniton , which caused problems

also a common one is fitting the flywheel without the woodruff key or it falls out 
just as you fit it , or a sheared woodruff key or woodruff key area which fails to 
lock flywheel in place .

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