Friday, 20 April 2012

Aprilia RS 125 RS125 suspension tweak , adjustable shock

i would not personally alter a road bikes suspension set up they ride pretty much fantastic on normal settings , doing so is at your own risk .

Setting up your suspension.
 sliding your forks up through the yokes 1.5cm will increase the angle of attack and turning speed of your bike.

You may need to adjust the rear shock after you have done this. Remember if your riding the roads do not tighten it right up, even if you think its good because that is what you do on the track, tracks do not have big bumps around corners. If you have it too tight your rear wheel will shudder out when you lean it over and hit an uneven surface. If its too loose the shock wont be able to react in time so when it hits two bumps it will probably still be on its way up when it hits the second bump.

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