Friday, 20 April 2012

Aprilia RS 125 RS125 air filters

Aprilia RS 125 Airfilters 

aprilia rs125 pipercross airfilter Ap

aftermarket air filters , They look good ,

 get rid of the horrible box but there is more to it than just putting it on. 

If its a decent aftermarket air filter then it should let more air into your engine. Therefore you will need to alter the jetting otherwise your bikes engine WILL seize (more air in more fuel needed).

Basically, to put your new air filter on, simply  remove the tank, remove the old air box and put on your aftermarket air filter.

some say they will add  a bit of BHP but you probably wont feel the difference tbh ,
 just it will give a better induction noise and maybe  a slight boost main advantage is getting rid
of large airbox and looks .

Once youve fitted it you will NEED to do a plug chop test.

or even better dyno test machine and having carb jetting set correctly .

First off the snorkel/trumpets...

Take the tank off your bike and you will see your air box, coming out of it at the top will be a piece of rubber called the snorkel/trumpet... some say take the whole thing out others say pull it out, cut the end off that went into the air box then turn it around so that the end that was outside the air box is now inside it.

This will give a better induction noise, boost mid range power, however peoplecan experience bad splutter around 5-6k, 

change your jetting and this should improve and do a plug chop to test running conditions. 

get into this habbit , make any changes , do any work , test running conditions , spotting lean conditions will save you money and achieve longest life out of your engine .

Also, purchase another panel filter, e.g. CMP Racing, Pipercross. These are usually washable and oiled, this will give a better induction noise too and better running of your bike.
 Again, id rejet not just stick it on

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