Saturday, 19 November 2016

Aprilia RS 125 Powervalve Rave PV valve removal replacement

Aprilia RS 125 Powervalve Rave PV valve removal

Just thought id take some photos of me removing the powervalve from an RS 125 .

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OK then to start with see our Tanks romoval posts and our battery removal posts to get down to see the PVservo .

You can buy Aprilia RS 125 Power parts from here 

Aprilia RS 125 parts in the USA 

Remove the battery try its the 8mm bolt shown 

it then pulls out form the battery tray rubbers 

undo both small allen head bolts at the top of  PV servo 

Now undo both allen headed bolts at the engine cylinder 

unplug the wiring connector 

you may need to prize the PV free as it will be coked up 

the cable fitting side of PV `

servo and adjustment nut on servo

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