Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Aprilia RS 125 front brake system , cylinder brake hose and lever removal , front caliper removal , brake pad check

Im stripping the front brake system out today , removing the caliper and brake cylinder lever and hose .

I start at top - empty the brake fluid from brake pot ,
undo the two size 5 allen head bolts for the brake cylinder / lever bracket .

and last the 8mm brake fluid pot fastener 

The brake light switch electrical connector wiring needs to be 
removed .

lastly i take the caliper off 

undo 2 size 5 lever bracket bolts 

empty pot 

make sure to not lose this seal as it sometimes fall out 

8mm brake cylinder fastener 

Undo the banjo bolt hold brake hose to the cylinder 

you may need to extend the spanner 

remove the lever / cyclinder bracket half 

and the cylinder / lever and hose should pull up through nose cone 

to get the caliper off you need to undo both the 10mm caliper mount bolts 

you may need to extend spanner for leverage 

you can check brakes by removing this plastic cover 

caliper pulls lose and is quite tight to disc put it will pull off with minor force 

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