Sunday, 13 November 2016

Aprilia RS 125 Rear wheel and Chain and sprocket removal replacing - how to change .

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I use DID gold chains as they are excellent and look great too .

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How to remove the chain and sprocket from Aprilia RS 125

First set up boke so back wheel is of the ground and 
all is very safe .

turn wheel until you find chain link and knock it of with a punch 

pull of link locking clip 

you should then slack off chain if you have not already done so 

Now tap out split link 

Cghian is now loose and as long as your in Neutral it should pull out 

Testing chain to see if its worn and good chain should be straight 
and bad chain with bend severely like in below photo 

Now to remove sprockets you have to remove wheel and front sprocket cover 

Undo rear wheel axle spindle bolt its a 26 mm which some socket sets
dont come with so make sure you buy one that does 

Tap it through all the way out you may have to hold the weight of the 
wheel to help 

Wheel is now free of bike but may catch on rear brake caliper but will pull lose 

Now with the wheel on a work bench 

Now just remove this circlip and the whole sprocket and cushdrive assembly
will come out .

You need to undo the bolts too to seperate it all but its easy enough .

Now remove the 2 allen key bolts holding on front sprocket cover 

Use circlip removal pliers to remove front sprocket 

 Undo sprocket nuts here to save struggle later

if you need to split socket from carrier then just undo 13mm nuts and bolts 


Ill update when the new set gets here and i refit .

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