Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Aprilia RS 125 complete fairing plastics Kits

These are ment to be excellent , they look great anyway .

very cheap way of making you bike mint .

Click to here buy direct from china very cheaply 

You can actually buy these now on Ebay uk too try here and compare prices 

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  1. Have you actually buy a kit from them?

    1. not yet no , but heard they are good for the money .

      don't expect aprilia quality but for thousands of pounds saving they are good enough .

  2. I got a set from Aliexpress in Jan 2015. The kit is not too bad. The plastic is much thinner than original fairing but it is cheap. The design can be customised but if you are doing your own original design, just be aware that they will sell that design to other customers after that. The finishing is nice as they spray varnish over the stickers. The only complain that I have would be that the fitting is not perfect. I have some screw holes that are misaligned and so I cannot put the fairings on perfectly. Will fit, just not perfect.

    1. thanks very much for your message heng .