Wednesday, 18 September 2013

how fast is an aprilia rs125

125 mph .................................

no , i get asked this , a lot ,  and this probably aint what you want to hear  , but an rs125 with probably do around 100 mph maybe a bit more not 100% sure tbh never checked and dont really care ,  pretty similar to a cagiva mito  , ive owned a cagiva mito 125 AND an aprilia rs125 for over 10 years now , most own theirs less than a year .

whats more important is reliabilty , if you have a large budget then 40 bhp  120 mph is possible maybe , but if you are on a tight budget and need to get to work and back then wasting money on trying to make your rs faster in not clever .

aprilia made these bikes pretty fast to begin with in fact spent a fortune getting them pretty much spectacular and fast enough for me anyway ,  by the time you get one for around £1500 used your bike is highly in need of major overhaul forget what the advert said most bikes i see for sale suggest recent rebuild (why rebuild an engine and then sell bike ??)  , its the biggest mistake i see and the reason cagiva mito and aprilia rs125 in fact most 2t bikes  have reliability issue reputations , people buy a used example and then spend £300 on an exhaust another £30 on  an air filter maybe other stuff of no real use  ,they mostly fail to rejet or upgrade to a 34mm carb , fail to test for piston wear , fail to service the bike or even fit a new spark plug  , this is a recipe for failure .

you just added extra pressure on an already long overdue rebuild engine , and it WILL sieze , it may seize anyway because of lack of maintenance .

be sensible buy your new bike get it fully serviced , have an complete rebuild of the engine done or do it yourself  , have the jetting checked or do it it all yourself as you will learn a lot of stuff you will need to keep your bike running , drive it for a year then if you do have to worry about more speed you know at least you have a sound bike to work on , ive seen hundreds of kids and men fail this way , they spend all there money on rubbish like exhausts , air filters and carbon fibre fluff ,  and when a real problem occurs which it will quickly on a used bike they have to sell there bike as they cannot afford repair .

the first steps of any tuning is to get your bike to original factory specs , blueprinting , youll be amazed
at the power you have .

Ever thought about going on a race track day outing  , heres a great site to learn more about track days , riding faster and safely  , tyre choices and more .

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  1. Good blog this are you from the UK

  2. yeh just got new fairings from Hong Kong i am from hull love this blog

  3. cheers bud , yep got you tube channel nothing serious like though , sorry for pain in arse posting you can probly change it but not the best with computers !!

    what bike you got mate ?

  4. got an 09plate but 08model aprilia rs 125 vhm head samaco hoses gianelle pipe 34mm carb gos well but clutch starting to slip at high rev I think good bike

  5. yeh I am on a phone anyway of making it easy to post for me and got pictures can you upload them

  6. yes send some pics and ill make a post for them if you want .

    ill send my email if you want