Thursday, 22 August 2013

aprilia Rs125 Race replica special edition Racing paintwork scheme models

ive not got a complete list or if there are more in fact i know ive missed some but ill update when i can
let me know if you can add more .

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1994 aprilia rs125R extrema chesterfield 

Aprilia RS125R 94  Telaio Lucido

                                                   aprilia rs125 1996 chesterfield (would like one of these )
                                                     aprilia rs125 Testsuya   harada 1999                        

                                                     aprilia rs125 valentino rossi 99

2004-2005 aprilia rs125  Poggiali

2006 aprilia rs125 nero 

2007~2009 lorenzo spains No1

                                                             aprilia RS 125 "Pista" 2007

                                                             aprilia rs125 rossi fluo 2008

Aprilia RS 125 Talmacsi Replica

aprilia rs125 2009 max biaggi

aprilia rs125 Alitalia Replica

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