Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Aprilia RS 125 Removing stubborn stuck seized rear brake disc from rear wheel ( replacing brake disc )

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ok so its not hard to change discs but if the nuts are seized its very easy to round the bolts out and make life very hard for yourself .

I always hit the bolts prior to trying to undo , this usually works but feel as you turn bolt if it feel like its rounding out bolt STOP and use the impact driver .

hit hammer accurately on the top of bolt its should crack any 
loctite or muck or rust which should make the bolt turn .

alternatively you can use an impact driver tool 

you put the impact tool into postion and turn it the way you want to go
so anti clockwise to undo you should feel it move slightly before stopping 
now you hit it on top while continuing to turn the tool .

It should break any seal and twist bolt at same time .

Heres a video of the whole process

Aprilia RS 125 parts in the USA 

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