Wednesday, 22 January 2014

aprilia rs125 blog , how to get free motorcycle stickers and promotional gear

i recently wrote to about 20 , maybe more popular companies to see if they had any stickers or
other promotional gear they could send me for free , and ive had ton's of it arrive .

i told a bit of a lie tbh i told them customers were asking everyday for stickers and other
promotional items , i do sell some bits and bobs on ebay but not really customers, but there you go .

ive had loads of stuff come through the post its like everyday is christmas , one day free samples
the next stickers , pens , caps and badges .

try it , im sure they dont mind ?? it is promotional gear after all and free advertising

id did not write down who i sent meesages to as i went crazy filling out on line contact request forms
and cant remeber who exactly i sent to , im sure some have not sent stuff but it keeps on arriving everyday .


heres some i have recieved so far 


hope more arrives , give it a try , just visit the companys webpage and ask them for any promotional gear see if you get anything .

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